Daniela just Texted: She will join us on our Reunion

Daniela Mondragon a proud admirer of yours truly just can’t get enough of our reunion. She’s in for the event – whole body, soul and everything – and she’s there even when its NOT started yet.

It can be recalled that she had her father’s secretary (Romina) raped so her father won’t marry Romina. Unfortunately love prevailed (but I can’t recall if it was love really) that Daniela’s father married Romina. So that’s how the story went and through it all, I met Daniela.

I think she’s madly in love with me. Sending me messages almost everyday.

Just last night she texted me:

Daniela’s Text to Usting…

It was nearing 9:00 pm, so I turned off my cellphone. Just so I can’t see her texts.

Just this morning I felt guilty not responding to her messages. So I went to Bohol High – the hollowed grounds where Eagles ’94 used to roam. Lo and behold, she’s there.

Daniela Mondragon in Bohol High

Well, she will be back – she told me – leaving this message to all Eagles ’94: “See you guys on July 27 and 28!!! and catch me if you can while I look for ways to get rid of Romina. See you all….”

Bohol High Eagles ’94 Website Launch

Bohol National High School now Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School

Hello Eagles. We’re now twenty six days away from our Grand Reunion – that is just 3 weeks and 5 days left. We’re getting ready – I hope you are too. Because we’ll soon be meeting our old friends, our old flames, our old enemies. Enemies? Seriously, we’re just going to meet as ONE BIG FAMILY – to reminisce the old days when we were young and handsome and beautiful.

It was NOT really planned to launch a website. But thanks to Raymond – Dod‘s brother, we’ll be able to see one. And why not, its a good platform to put together all stuffs related to this reunion and not cluttered all over FB. All his fervent efforts to make this is really nice for us. I’m thankful for finding this kid… and to Dods for showing me.

As for our preparations, we’re now nearing our goals. All the big details like the venues, the t-shirts and the foods are all ironed out. The things left are now are filling them with the tiny details like program and all… and seriously how we’re going to pay for them. We’re getting there. We just need your help – just pull some things out of your deep pockets to help finance this undertaking.

We encourage you to register . It is NOT necessary but we have some details that we’re hiding from the public and only a true Eagle can see.

We can do this guys. I’m excited like all of you. Its been a long time already when we last get together this big. Be there when it happens.